About Us


The Ikeja medical Center Limited (I.M.C) Due to the resounding success of the hospital, evolved into one of the highly rated Medical Centers in Nigeria. The goal of the Hospital is to provide top class Medical allied services to patients, Using Professional available empowered with appropriate and most updated technology, coupled with continuous training. The hospital has grown in leaps and bounds within a few years due to the commitment of the Staff and the good will it enjoys from the public.


Why we are different

Some of the reasons why we are different at Ikeja Medical Centre are:


Commitment to excellence and leadership


Prompt medical attention


Professional Code of Conduct


Provision of highly Specialized Services


Demonstrating Social Responsibility


Dedicated and Relaiable Staff


Cutting Edge Equipment


Exceed client expectations through world -class processes


Business Policy:

The hospital maintains a Mutual understanding with its external publics such as health maintenance organizations, corporate establishments, families and individuals Furthermore, the hospital values its relationship with all its stakeholders, and Strives to always satisfy their various needs.

The hospital provides an enabling environment, Ambiance, Hygiene, Serenity quality Medicare after care for patients, Phone calls, Visits and healing texts messages. Also getting patients feed back on the quality of our Medical Services from the basis of our corporate Social responsibility.

Customer Policy:

Good relationship is our bond with our internal publics, our specialist doctors, our laboratory scientists, our staff nurses, our pharmacists, our customer service executives, our domestic staff and of course, our administrative team. Our relationship is the tie between our external publics and us this includes our health maintenance organizations, corporate establishments, family and individuals have all constituted such ties. This is our relationship at Ikeja Medical Centre Limited (I.M.C), we value our relationship with all the stakeholders as this is the basis of our existence. Therefore, our relationship makes us grow in human resources and infrastructural development because we serve humanity. Enabling environment, Ambience, Hygiene, Serenity, Quality Medicare, Follow up on patients even after they are being discharged: phone calls, visits and healing text messages. Getting patients' feedback on our care and performance form the basis of our social responsibility in the healthcare sector.

These variables rapidly develop our business. Through extensive research into the minds of our patients, we have come to the realization that patients look beyond coming to the hospital and being attended to in a casual way. They need cordial relationship; they long for good meals, timely attention and recognition.

They need healing words from all the contact points of our hospital right from our security through the customer service, nursing, laboratory, pharmacy etc. to the consulting room. Through all these pointers, we, at Ikeja Medical Centre Limited (I.M.C), have been able to manage the desired relationship with our patients at all times. And this speaks for us