Management Team:

The Ikeja Medical Centre is run by highly experienced and qualified Personnel who are responsible for the management of the hospital, the staff and patients. They include:



Dr. (Mrs.) Morayo A. Apantaku
Dr. Oludara Olubukola Apantaku
(Consultant Gynecologist) MBBS (IBADAN) ,MRCP (UK)
Dr. Oluwaseyi O. Apantaku DavMed(Kings College London)
Certificate Basic Medicine (UK)
A dynamic enterprising and very sociable physician graduated from the University of Ibadan he possesses the basic and advanced certificate in Aviation medicine (Dav Med.) from Kings College London and Diploma in Aviation Medicine From Faculty of Occupational Medicine of Royal College Physicians England, he is an authorized aviation medical examiner to the Nigerian Civil  Aviation Authority (NCAA)
Dr. Adewale    
MBBS, F.W.A.C.S (Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician)
Dr. (Mrs) O. Ibitoye
Consultant Peadiatrician
Dr. Ojo Olatunji Gabriel   (C.M.D),
(Dental Surgeon) BDS (O.A.U) Dr. Ojo O.Gabriel is a highly skilled dental surgeon with several awards, these include Best House Officer Award from (O.A.U.T.H.C) Ife, Best House officer Award Association of Resident Doctors, (O.A.U.TH.C) 1992. He is a Dental surgeon to several hospitals in Lagos and Ogun State
Dr. K.O Awojobi  MBBS (Lagos)
(General Duty) Certified HMO Professional (C.H.O) Dr Awojobi has acquired years of experience within the private hospital sector with valued hands onclinical skills in a wide range of patient management situations. He is also a certified HMO professional.
Dr. (Mrs) Nwamaka Madu
(Optometrist)  O.D (Abia) Dr. (Mrs) Madu is highly skilled in Primary eye care (i.e) refraction diagnosis and prescribing drugs, she has years of experience with the private hospital sector screening exercise . She also conducts Aviation medical examination under optical and visual matters.
Dr. Agawueze I. A
(General Duty) MBBS ( Awka)